Asbestos is a hazardous waste and must be disposed of correctly.

Asbestos waste must only be disposed of at an approved local authority refuse site. It must not be sold or re used. It must be removed from the construction area to an approved refuse site as soon as possible. Incorrect disposal of asbestos waste is prohibited and can result in a fine or prosecution.

Please check with your local council about the nearest facility that is able to accept asbestos waste. Asbestos cannot be taken to the site without prior arrangement and must be packaged correctly for disposal.

Asbestos must be transported and delivered in a safe and secure manner. Asbestos Aware strongly advises you to use experienced asbestos removal companies to undertake the removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos from your home.

Asbestos specialists should follow approved methods for storage, transport and disposal, such as:

  • Placing asbestos into closed containers that are impermeable to asbestos dust.

  • Using bags no bigger than 1200 mm x 900 mm, and only half-filling them.

  • Being careful when letting excess air out so that asbestos dust is not released.

  • Double-bagging materials in case of bags rupturing during handling and transport.

  • Sealing the bags or sheets well to prevent asbestos dust from escaping.

  • All asbestos waste must be sealed in plastic bags (200µm thick) and labelled “Asbestos hazard - wear respirator and protective clothing while handling contents”.